Time to discover best addiction of all

MOVERS AND SHAKERS Dancers having fun at the Waterlooville Folk Dance Group
MOVERS AND SHAKERS Dancers having fun at the Waterlooville Folk Dance Group
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I was delighted to see the recent BBC2 documentary featuring professional choreographer, Jack Murphy, encouraging the people of Bolton to ‘feel like dancing’ at the newly-restored Palais de Dance.

We too have our very own dance revival here. Waterlooville Folk Dance Group has been active at the community centre for many years but unfortunately time catches up with everyone.

The members were growing more mature and less mobile and by the end of 2013 the club had lost four out of five of the regular teachers (known as ‘callers’ in folk dancing circles).

There was an underlying feeling of despondency after the Christmas party and a decision had to be made.

We appointed a new committee and by switching to fortnightly meetings and engaging a couple of new teachers, in addition to encouraging members to have a go at calling on ‘club caller’ nights, we have managed to triple the size of the group in the last two years.

We now have an all-age club with people from their teens through to their eighties and a very promising 18-year-old student, James Toogood, is learning to teach.

The young people of Bolton were aghast that anyone would want to get up and dance without a couple of drinks inside, if not the whole bottle, but once they tried it they were all smiling and laughing.

Is it time for the people of Waterlooville to discover the best addiction of all – music, dancing and having fun?

The Waterlooville Folk Dance Group meets from 8pm to 10pm at Waterlooville Community Centre on the first, third and fifth Monday of each month.

There is no need to bring a partner.

For more information contact Jane Tull on (023) 9225 8056.

The Waterlooville Community Association also hosts a number of other dance clubs.

For more information visit the website at waterloovillecommunity.org.uk.