Titchfield residents group searches for memories of lost heroes

Headstones remember those who lost their lives during the First World War. Below: list of Titchfield servicemen
Headstones remember those who lost their lives during the First World War. Below: list of Titchfield servicemen
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A group of Titchfield residents is appealing to people living in the area to help trace information on 40 First World War servicemen.

Titchfield Remembers was formed in 2013 to identify and honour all servicemen form the 1914-18 war connected to the parish of Titchfield.

So far, the group has collected data on 10 out of the 50 former Titchfield residents who died for their country during the First World War.

Members of the group hope relatives of the deceased, or people who have a keen interest in the history of the war, may have some information to help identify these men.

The aim is to gather family mementos, photographs or any artefact which retraces their time in the armed services, to feature in a book documenting their lives.

Members of Titchfield Remembers said that anyone who contributes to the book will get a free copy of these men’s memories.

Founding member of the Titchfield Remembers group, Amanda Laws said: ‘We would really like to put a face to these men’s story.

‘If only we can find relatives who have family albums tucked away.’

In August Mrs Laws and fellow group member Phil Burner travelled to one of the battlefields in Northern France to take photographs of the graves and memorials.

While there, the pair – who travelled with their partners – paid respects to the local men who lost their lives during the famous Battle of the Somme.

They placed their own Titchfield Remembers poppy on a wooden cross alongside each grave or memorial plaque.

‘We were overwhelmed by the scale of the cemeteries,’ added Mrs Laws.

‘There were thousands upon thousands and they were all impeccably maintained.’

Listed, see right, are the names of the remaining 40 villagers of whom information is still urgently needed.

Anyone who knew, or has any information about any of these servicemen listed should contact Titchfield Remembers via e-mail titchfieldremembers@gmail.com.

Names of servicemen:

Pte. Frederick Newby- 1st Hampshire Regiment

Sergt.William Hatto - 1st Hampshire Regiment

Pte. Walter Robert Gamblin - 1st Portsmouth Battalion RMLI

Sergt. Arthur Sidney Fearne - 1/6th Hampshire Regiment

Pte. Henry (Harry) Couzens - 1/7th Hampshire Regiment

Rifmn. Charles Smith - 1st/8th Hampshire Regiment

Pte. William Sandy - 2nd Hampshire Regiment

Pte. Albert Ernest Smith - 10th. Hampshire Regiment

Pte. Frank Smith - 10th. Hampshire Regiment

Pte. Ernest Gamblin - 6th Hants 2nd/6th Warwickshires

Pte Frank Biddle - 10th Hampshire Regiment

Pte.Tpr. Arthur Carnarvon Whittaker - 11th Hants Yeomanry

Pte. Frederick John Bowers - 14th Hants (Portsmouth Pals)

Cpl. Henry Edmunds - 14th Hants (Portsmouth Pals)

L.Cpl. John Henry Fleet - 14th Hants (Portsmouth Pals)

Cpl. William Thomas Matthews - 14th Hants (Portsmouth Pals)

Sergt. Henry Walter Bowers - 15th Hants (Portsmouth Pals)

Pte. Ernest Frank Light - 15th Hants (Portsmouth Pals)

Pte. Arthur Newby - 15th Hants (Portsmouth Pals)

Pte. Walter Reed - 15th Hants (Portsmouth Pals)

2nd Lieut Duncan Phelps - 2nd Royal Sussex/15th Hants

PO Stkr George Ford - HMS Good Hope

Ch Stkr John Sims - HMS Cressy

P.O Francis Edward Watts - HMS Black Prince

Carnarvon Lewis Whittaker - Mercantile Marine

Gunr. Frederick John Bowers - Royal Field Artillery

Bomb, Dr. Henry George Fry - Royal Field Artillery

Dvr. Frank Frampton - Royal Field Artillery

Sergt. Ernest Henry Heath - Royal Army Veterinary Corps

Cpl. Reginald Thomas Marriott - Royal Engineers

Pte. Walter Smith - Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Pte. Frank Stuart - 1st Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry

Pte. Donald Barfoot Edwards Upshall - 1st Northumberld. Fussiliers

Pte. Arthur Price - 1st /8th Middlesex

Pte. Albert George Biddle - 2nd Kings Royal Rifles

Pte. Thomas Henry Wright - 2nd Devonshire Regiment

Pte. Herbert Walter Bungey - 3rd Wiltshire Regiment

Pte. John Frank Price - 7th Border Regiment

Pte. Charlie Chalk - 26th Battalion Australian. Infantry

Pte. William James Edmunds - 13th Devon Labour Corps.

Pte. William Arthur Barrow - 56th London Royal Fusiliers