Titchfield theatre takes on funding battle over war commemorations

Titchfield Festival Theatre
Titchfield Festival Theatre
  • Amateur actors need £100,000 for event
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A THEATRE has put out a plea for people to help raise £100,000 to fund an exhibition celebrating the 600th anniversary of the battle of Agincourt.

Titchfield Festival Theatre was denied around £100,000 of much-needed funds by The Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England, despite it spending around £75,000 over the last two years to transform the Great Barn in Titchfield into a theatre and community event centre.

Amateur theatre is the lifeblood of the professional theatre.

Artistic director and chairman Kevin Fraser

Artistic director and chairman Kevin Fraser said he was disappointed the funding request was rejected.

He said: ‘It puts our face out of joint when it’s an important project like this, especially as the Great Barn was built for the Agincourt campaign.’

The anniversary of the battle of Agincourt, between England and France led by Henry V in 1415, is being celebrated across the UK on October 25.

In the 15th century the Great Barn, in St Margaret’s Lane, Titchfield, was built to cater for Henry V’s army prior to their departure to Agincourt and a contingent of Titchfield archers went to fight the battle.

Titchfield Festival Theatre had big plans for the anniversary including an exhibition including interactive activities for school children.

This involved a production on Henry V named When the King Came to Town open to all primary schools in the Portsmouth to Southampton area.

The theatre company is still going ahead with that part of the exhibition, despite the lack of funding.

Mr Fraser said: ‘It’s such a good project but we are having to fund it ourselves, it just could have been a lot better.

‘It means everything has to be scaled back and puts pressure on all the people organising it.’

Mr Fraser said they would not give up on their ambition to secure the help they need and he encouraged people to get involved with the theatre to help it put on the event.

The play Henry V – The making of a King started yesterday and is running until July 4. For more go to titchfieldfestivaltheatre.com or call 01329 556156.