Today is the day when our food supplies run out

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Man arrested in Portsmouth explosives probe at Stanhope Road student block is released by police

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PUTTING more British food on the dinner table is the focus of local farmers.

The National Farmers’ Union, based in Petersfield, is urging people to back British farming.

Figures show the country produces only enough food to feed two-thirds of the population – and only produces enough food to feed people for eight months of the year.

Today is the day when our domestic food supply would theoretically run out.

But the NFU is determined to reverse this decline and is launching a charter urging the public, politicians and the food industry to pledge support for British farming.

Peter Kendall, NFU president, said: ‘To think that today’s date would signal the time when our domestic food supply runs out is frankly alarming. It says to me that we must act. As a nation we can’t simply go around the world chasing the cheapest deal for our food. So, instead we need to look closer to home.

‘I would ask consumers to continue showing their support by demanding of their local supermarket, restaurant, or MP - what are you doing to back British farming?’