Torch honour for young swimmer

SPORTY Mazie Watson with her PE teacher Carly Breen
SPORTY Mazie Watson with her PE teacher Carly Breen
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TORCHBEARER Mazie Watson lives her life like an Olympic athlete.

The 12-year-old, from Kirby Road, North End, gets up at 4am every day to go swimming and hopes to be an Olympian one day.

So it is no surprise her PE teacher at school nominated her to run with the flame through Portsmouth on Sunday.

Mazie swims competitively for the Portsmouth Northsea Swimming Club and also does athletics at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth.

She said: ‘I absolutely love sport and I couldn’t live without it.

‘It’s tough sometimes but you just get through it and I love it.

‘I would love to make the Olympics one day but first I want to make nationals.

‘I was absolutely astounded that I got picked to run with the torch.

‘I’m really excited but a bit scared as well.’

Mazie swims for two hours each day before school.

After school, the talented youngster goes home to get changed before going back to the Mountbatten Centre for another two hours of swimming.

Then she gets out of the pool and heads straight for the athletics track.

Mazie’s mum Samantha said: ‘Mazie’s PE teacher nominated her because of her swimming and athletics.

‘They have also made her theirs sports ambassador at the school.

‘Everything she does is fantastic and she always wins. She doesn’t show off and she doesn’t give herself credit for what she does.

‘She’s very shy but when she’s in a competition her nerves don’t get to her.’

Mazie will be the first person to run with the torch with it comes to Portsmouth on Sunday.