Torchbearer brings the spirit of Olympics to club

EMOTIONAL Daphne Laycock
EMOTIONAL Daphne Laycock
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THE spirit of the Olympics was taken to Emsworth Stroke Club.

Torchbearer Daphne Laycock, from Emsworth, enabled the club’s members to share the kaleidoscope of emotions she felt while carrying the Olympic torch through Gosport last month.

She vividly described her feelings about the once-in-a-lifetime event to the club – which has been running for 30 years.

Gillian Knight, chairwoman of the club, which is based at Emsworth Community Centre, said: ‘She applauded the courage of all the disabled torchbearers, striking a chord with her audience, many of whom have restricted mobility.

‘Everyone present was given the chance to hold the torch aloft for themselves.

‘The members felt very pleased that Daphne had honoured them with her visit, making them feel special and still appreciated within the community.’

The afternoon ended with the club’s own Olympic-style fun exercises, specially adapted by volunteer physiotherapist Pat Haysom.

Balloon volleyball was especially hilarious. Medals were presented to every participant at the end of the afternoon.

For details of the club go to or contact Mrs Knight on (023) 9247 3091.