Torture case defendant: I did not make victim put his hand in a hungry snake’s cage

Daniel Whelan and Katy Whelan outside Portsmouth Crown Court
Daniel Whelan and Katy Whelan outside Portsmouth Crown Court

A WOMAN denied forcing a terrified man with learning difficulties to put his hand into a hungry snake’s cage as part of a gang’s campaign of relentless torture, a court heard.

Katy Whelan admitted to jurors at Portsmouth Crown Court that the victim, who had been staying at her Milton Road flat in Waterlooville, had been subjected to merciless poundings and mental torment including drinking urine with pubic hairs in and vinegar.

But Whelan, giving evidence, backed up her partner Daniel Whelan’s claims that they were innocent of any blame – with Gavin Buckle and Nigel Ives the culprits for the brutal mental and physical assaults in 2016.

‘You agree he was forced to drink a concoction of urine, pubic hairs, vinegar and Fabreeze,’ prosecutor Stephen Parish said in cross examining.

‘You agree he was sick on the floor and had to clean it up. You agree he had to get his DVDs to be sold and that he had to get crisps and be back in five minutes,’ Mr Parish added.

‘Yes,’ Whelan said before revealing the victim was made to drink ‘urine in both drinks with tomato ketchup’.

But the defendant denied either her or Daniel Whelan were actively involved and were simply ‘scared’ of Buckle.

Mr Parish then asked about ‘Katy’s punishment’ where she allegedly forced the victim to put his hand in her ‘hungry’ snake cage.

‘No I wouldn’t let that happen to my animals,’ she said.

Mr Parish added: ‘You were all in it together and while Gav may have been the worst, you played a big part.’

Ives, 28, of Chaucer Close, Waterlooville, was also involved in the punishing beatings and torture and pleaded guilty to assault, threatening to kill and harassment at an earlier hearing.

Buckle, 30, of Chandlers Close, Isle of Wight and Daniel Whelan, 25, deny administering poison and causing fear of violence. Buckle, who has admitted assault, also denies making a threat to kill. Daniel Whelan denies assault.

Katy Whelan, 22, denies causing the victim to fear violence.