Town joins the national datebase for hygiene

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FOOD hygiene controls in the Havant area have received a boost after the council was awarded a £2,000 grant.

Havant Borough Council has received the government cash that will enable it to join a national database called The UK Food Surveillance System.

The web-based database covers the results of all food samples tested by environmental health authorities across the country.

By the use of barcodes, results can be tracked at the touch of a button.

Spokeswoman for the council Sally Foster said: ‘It is a national database set up by the Food Standards Agency for the central storage of results from food samples taken by enforcement authorities as part of their official controls.

‘The advantage of the system is two-fold.

‘The system is used to log all the details of each sample – such as the place, time, temperature of the item, how stored.

‘The sample is identified by a unique number and bar code.

‘The barcode accompanies the sample to the laboratory which already has the logged details from the system.

‘Test results may then be returned electronically.

‘The council can interrogate the stored results from all the authorities using the system.

‘They can search by their area, their county, England or the UK for any type of sample submitted. This will assist authorities to more accurately target their resources to improve food hygiene.’