40mph speed limit on M275 into Portsmouth to be removed following Brexit delay

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A 40mph speed limit on the main road into the city is set to be removed after Brexit was delayed again.

Portsmouth City Council (PCC) introduced the speed reduction on a section of the M275 on earlier this week as part of its traffic management plan. 

40mph speed limit on the M275 will be removed

40mph speed limit on the M275 will be removed

The 40mph limit was put in place due to concerns about port traffic after Brexit.

However European Unions agreed to delay the date of the UK’s departure by six months from Friday to October 31. 

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The council has confirmed that the speed limit will be removed tonight (April 11). 

Why was the speed reduction introduced? 

On its website, PCC said: ‘For Portsmouth, our focus is to manage potential traffic congestion caused by extra checks at the port, and its effect on surrounding communities and roads. 

‘Plans are in place to ensure the smooth running of operations. We are working hard to ensure lorries are processed and directed quickly so roads are kept clear of congestion.

‘For drivers' safety we will be reducing the speed limit to 40mph on part of the M275, for as long as needed. 

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‘At certain times, we are expecting the M275 area of the city will be busier than normal so if you need to travel in this area, plan your journey and allow more time.’

What is the plan for after Brexit? 

To help deal with traffic at the port after the UK leaves the EU, the plan is to introduce a lorry checkpoint on the park-and-ride slip road in Portsmouth. 

The lorries that are approved will then be forwarded on to the port via the motorway. 

Meanwhile any lorries with a longer wait or a need for further paperwork checks will be diverted to the new lorry park off the motorway at Tipner. 

Earlier this week Portsmouth’s port director, Mike Sellers, renewed calls for the city to be given more cash to prepare in case of a no-deal Brexit. 

He said that the government had not been taking concerns seriously.