Driver shares pictures of horrifying injuries after battery explodes in her pocket

A WOMAN has urged others to store batteries safely after one exploded in her pocket while she was driving.

Monday, 15th May 2017, 3:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th May 2017, 2:16 pm
Ellie suffered injuries to her thigh and hands during the incident. Picture: Ellie Petty/Facebook

Ellie Petty was travelling in the fast lane of the A303 near Andover when the vape battery burst into flames.

The 32-year-old stopped her car in the middle of the road and threw off her jacket, before going to the hard shoulder to call an ambulance.

She said: ‘The batteries exploded like a gas torch, I could feel the flames on my side.

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Picture: Ellie Petty/Facebook

‘I stopped the car and left the jacket on the central reservation.’

Ellie suffered third-degree burns to her thigh, with more injuries to her hands, fingers and wrists.

She said: ‘The burns did look quite gruesome. It’s like something out of a horror film.’

She has spoken out about the incident, which happened on May 4, to warn others about the danger of loose batteries.

Picture: Ellie Petty/Facebook

The Salisbury resident said: ‘It wasn’t advised on the batteries that this was a risk.

‘I just want to make sure that people know that they should never be left loose.

‘They should be kept in a case, rather than left on their own in a drawer at home.’

Hampshire Fire and Rescue said it had been called out after passers-by spotted the flaming jacket on the central reservation.

Picture: Ellie Petty/Facebook

A spokesman urged people to buy electrical goods from reputable sellers and to make sure they use the correct charger.

Picture: Ellie Petty/Facebook
Picture: Ellie Petty/Facebook
Picture: Ellie Petty/Facebook
Picture: Ellie Petty/Facebook
Picture: Ellie Petty/Facebook