Heartbreak after Gosport woman's burnt-out home is ransacked

A WOMAN who lost her home in a fire says she is '˜beyond upset' after her remaining possessions were stolen.

Friday, 22nd December 2017, 6:00 am
Angela Whinham and her partner, David Thorn outside their house in Gosport with the remains ofdebris from the fire

Angela Whinham, 61, saw her house in Gazelle Close, Gosport, go up in flames seven weeks ago.

Now, having been told she could not go and reclaim what possessions were left, Angela has learned that heartless thieves have been through what is left of the home, taking everything they could find.

According to Angela, her family was denied the opportunity to return to the property and gather whatever valuables still remained.

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Some of the burnt remains next door to Angela's house

She said: ‘We haven’t been allowed back in the house since the fire because of health and safety issues.

‘We are round the corner from the property at the moment and can see it from where we are based. My son noticed that the bedroom window was open and that one of the panels was missing from the back door.

‘We called the police and my son went in with them – and it was then that we learned what had happened.’

Angela says that the whole family has been left traumatised by the experience.

The fire in Gazelle Close on October 27

She said: ‘It has made us all so upset – what we haven’t lost in the fire we have now had taken from us.

‘It is just heartbreaking.

‘We don’t even know the full extent of what has been stolen; jewellery, Christmas presents, tablets – I can only assume it has all been stolen, apparently the whole place has been turned upside down.

‘We thought we had already lost everything, but the whole ordeal just feels like a nightmare that won’t end.

Some of the burnt remains next door to Angela's house

‘I want compensation from the housing company for what has been taken – they have failed us dreadfully.’

The property is owned by Vivid Homes – director Mike Shepherd has voiced his concerns over what happened.

He said: ‘We are appalled to learn that following the fire at these properties that one of our customer’s homes has been allegedly burgled.

‘The property was one of three adjoining homes badly damaged by a fire in October. The property was secured following the fire and our customers were moved into alternative accommodation in their local area.

The fire in Gazelle Close on October 27

‘We realise this is a distressing situation and are arranging the rebuilding and repairing of our customer’s property with our insurers. Our neighbourhood manager will continue to provide support to the family through this difficult time.’