Man cut all over body as shower door shatters

Saturday, 15th July 2017, 7:42 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:36 am
The shattered shower door    Picture: Richard Newman
The shattered shower door Picture: Richard Newman

A man was injured after his shower door suddenly shattered while he was inside.

Richard Newman was just about to turn on the water for his morning shower when he was hit by the glass and left with minor cuts all over his body.

He said: ‘I went into the shower and the glass door exploded. The whole of it just shattered.’

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The door was installed 18 months ago by Mr Newman’s builder Steven Reed, who had bought it from bathroom company Eastbrook.

Mr Newman, a retired security worker from Fareham, contacted Eastbrook to complain about the incident.

But in an e-mail reply, a spokesperson said: ‘I’m afraid that glass breakage is not covered by warranty as this would not be considered to be a manufacturing defect.

‘Tempered glass can hold a memory, so if it takes a knock, it may not break there and then, it could go when no-one is in the room.’

Mr Newman added: ‘I’m annoyed because as far as I was concerned it was toughened glass, when it was in fact tempered glass.’

The 67-year-old was forced to claim on his home insurance.

He explained: ‘It left me wondering if the glass tables that people were complaining about from Asda were toughened glass or tempered glass, because until my shower glass went I didn’t know there was a difference.’

The incident comes after several cases of exploding glass patio tables from Asda, including one that happened to Portsmouth father-of-four Barry Williams and his family.

He has demanded the £130 eight-piece set be removed from sale and added: ‘I want the product to be recalled, it could have seriously hurt my kids and it could happen to someone else.

‘My wife spent an hour-and-a-half on hold to customer services, but didn’t get to speak to anyone at Asda.’