Nearly 500 road casualties a year could be prevented if drivers didn't commit the '˜fatal four' offences

POLICE are highlighting the dangers of the risky driving behaviour associated with the '˜fatal four' offences in an effort to reduce road death and injuries.

Thursday, 24th May 2018, 1:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:44 am
Picture: Hampshire police

Hampshire and Thames Valley Police want drivers to realise their actions can have fatal consequences, and have said nearly 500 casualties a year could be prevented if these offences weren’t committed.

A movie-style film trailer has been released to highlight the fatal four – inappropriate speed, seatbelts, drink/drugs and mobiles, and to encourage drivers to think about the impact and avoid committing any of these offences altogether.

The police report found that more than 460 road users would avoid being either killed or seriously injured each year if drivers drove safely, and significant reductions in casualties could be realised if risky driving offending behaviour under the ‘fatal four’ was reduced.

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In 2016 the Joint Operations Roads Policing Unit for Hampshire and Thames Valley Roads Policing commissioned a report to the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) on how best to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads in the long-term.

TRL estimated, based on the data and evidence, that in one year across the Thames Valley and Hampshire region 66 fewer people could be killed and seriously injured if every car occupant wore a seatbelt or appropriate restraint, 160 fewer people could die or be seriously injured on the roads if drink driving was eradicated, and that if everyone using a hand-held phone stopped using a mobile phone whilst driving then an estimated 242 fewer people could die or be seriously injured.

Road safety sergeant Rob Heard, said: ‘We run campaigns throughout the year to target poor driving behaviour as well as focusing on the fatal four.

‘To assist in getting the message out there we have created short film to highlight the dangers involved and the devastating consequences it can have to all involved.

‘Throughout the year we will, in association with this trailer, be releasing personal stories told by families affected by the tragedy of a fatal road traffic collision to share their account of the impact it has had on them losing a loved one.

‘We’d like to thank everyone that has helped contribute towards this campaign and to give extra special thanks to the families who’ve shared their heartbreak and the devastating reality of the everyday impact these horrific road collisions cause.

‘We can only make a difference on making our roads safer for all if we look out for each other, share the roads and focus as individuals on how we ourselves can drive and ride safer.

‘Sadly, many collisions are caused by those who are committing offences and this has a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families.’