Roundabout works leave drivers '˜trapped' in Asda car park

DRIVERS have been left seething after severe delays at the Asda roundabout in Havant.

Tuesday, 5th April 2016, 12:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th April 2016, 12:51 pm
File picture of the Asda superstore
File picture of the Asda superstore

Motorists yesterday reported delays of up to two hours as they battled to get out of the car park at the Asda hypermarket.

The delays stem from the roadworks being carried out on the roundabout as Hampshire County Council undertakes a £7.1m revamp.

The small roundabout is being given a total overhaul, including a larger central feature with a new cycle path and footway across it, traffic lights and extra lanes.

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Work started in October 2014 and is due to finish later this spring.

But the work has attracted many complaints, with lane closures and long diversions adding to drivers’ misery.

With the Easter holidays in full swing, many families have gone to Asda and found it almost impossible to get out.

One Facebook poster wrote: ‘Stuck in Asda Havant carpark since 3.30pm. Traffic is not moving whatsoever!

‘If anyone is planning to pay Asda or McDonalds a visit then probably is a good idea to postpone.’

Another wrote: ‘Stuck in Havant Asda car park - Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?! Two hours and counting!’

A Leigh Park resident, who did not want to be named, said residents are thoroughly fed up.

He told The News: ‘It’s chaos.

‘I work in the dockyard and work shifts and I now don’t go anywhere near the Asda roundabout.

‘What the heck are they doing?

‘They have made a right mess of it.

‘Some people have been stuck at Asda and they only went in to go to the cashpoint.’

‘It’s a bit like a lobster pot - you can get in but can’t get out.

‘People are getting so cheesed off. They need to sort it out.’

A consultation on the final phase of the work was carried out last month.

At the time a spokesman for the county council said: ‘I’d like to thank people for bearing with us so far, while we have been carrying out this scheme. Progress has not been as fast as we would have liked as we have encountered some issues with uncharted underground utilities which need to be moved.’

The final phase of works includes overnight closures throughout this month and next month.