Spare a thought for these French ferry crews working during the World Cup final

Cap Finistere sailing along the coast of Portsmouth. Picture: Brittany Ferries
Cap Finistere sailing along the coast of Portsmouth. Picture: Brittany Ferries

TRAVELLERS are being asked to spare a thought for the scores of French ferry crew men and women who will serve them during the World Cup final this weekend. 

As many as 1,000 French nationals will work on board Brittany Ferries during the mammoth fixture against Croatia, which kicks off at 4pm on Sunday afternoon. 

They will also be in the company of hundreds of British passengers on board the firm’s ships – many of which operate from Portsmouth – who are likely to be watching the match wondering what might have been after the heartbreak of Wednesday’s result. 

Christophe Mathieu, Brittany Ferries CEO has a tongue-in-cheek message for the passengers his ships are set to serve. 

‘I hope our English customers will forgive a barman if he takes his eyes off the pump to catch a glimpse of an Mbappé run towards goal,’ he said.  

‘But also please spare a thought for colleagues who work in other parts of the ship –  on the bridge, in our shops, engine rooms and other departments. 

‘They will be taking one for the team this Sunday, for sure.’ 

Below is the list of ships, routes, departure and arrival times and total passengers for Brittany Ferries’ fleet during the World Cup final on Sunday.


- Armorique. Roscoff to Plymouth. 1.20pm – 9.10pm. Passengers: 551 

- Barfleur. Cherbourg to Poole. 6.30pm to – 10.45pm. Passengers: 412

- Baie de Seine. Santander to Portsmouth. 5.15pm – 9.45pm. Passengers: 369 

- Bretagne. St Malo to Portsmouth. 10.30am – 7.20pm. Passengers: 683 

- Cap Finistère. Santander to Portsmouth. Will arrive at 8.45pm. Passengers: 599

- Etretat. Le Havre to Portsmouth. 5pm – 10.30pm. Passengers: 311

- Mont St Michel. Caen to Portsmouth. 4.30pm – 10.15pm. Passengers: &65 

- Normandie. Portsmouth to Caen. 3.45pm – 9.30pm. Passengers: 510

- Normandie Express. Cherbourg to Portsmouth. 5pm – 8pm. Passengers 6:48 

- Pont Aven. Plymouth to Santander. 4.45pm – 12.15am. Passengers: 1,303