'˜Troubled' transgender woman from Portsmouth took drug overdose after online abuse

THE BOYFRIEND of a '˜troubled' transgender respected her wishes after intially refusing to call for help following a heroin overdose, an inquest heard.

Friday, 11th May 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 1:18 am
Picture: Malcolm Wells

Kavi Norris, 18, was found dead at her Charter House flat in Lord Montgomery Way after feeling ‘hated’ when an online community she had created turned on her.

Portsmouth Coroner’s Court heard how the deceased spoke to her partner Henry Tombs for four hours over the internet while taking enough heroin for a fatal dose.

Ms Norris, who had been in care for much of her childhood, scheduled an online post to announce her death.

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A note was also discovered on her body when paramedics and police turned up which read: ‘This was intentional.’

Mr Tombs told the inquest: ‘Kavi told me she had taken enough heroin to die and it would be too late to get any help so not to call an ambulance. She said she was hated by the online community and was worried after not doing well in her GCSEs.

‘Kavi said she wanted to die peacefully and if she heard an ambulance she would jump out the window. I tried to stay with her to help her.’

When Mr Tombs was asked by coroner Samantha Marsh why it took him an hour to call 999 after Ms Norris had become unresponsive, he said: ‘I was partly denying it hoping she would wake up and partly because I knew it was what she wanted.’

By the time paramedics and police arrived she was dead.

Ms Norris, formerly known as Kieran, had been living as a woman for two years and was set to go through transgender treatment.

Ms Norris, who had aspergers, had refused help from a number of mental health outlets after feeling disillusioned with the ‘sytem’.

The hearing heard Ms Norris’ relationship with her adopted parents Debra Smith and Robert Norris had ‘broken down’.

A suicide verdict was recorded.