University of Portsmouth student distressed during lift drama

FIVE students had to be given first aid by firefighters after they became trapped in a lift.

Monday, 9th May 2016, 9:28 am
Updated Monday, 9th May 2016, 10:32 am

Just after midnight on Friday firefighters from Southsea station were called to James Watson halls of residence in Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth.

Some students had become trapped in the lift and it had been some time before the emergency services were called.

A spokesman for the station said too many people had entered the lift and it had overloaded and the doors had automatically closed and would not open.

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They added: ‘I think there was a bit of alcohol involved.

‘It became very hot in there and they became quite distressed.’

It was a simple operation to release them – using an emergency lift key. The group were given oxygen and helped to cool down.

No-one was seriously hurt.

It was the second time that evening the crew had been called to the halls of residence.

At 7.15pm, smoke filled one of the kitchens when a student went out forgetting their dinner was cooking on the hob.

The spokesman said: ‘They must remember not to leave anything unattended on a hob.’