YOUR VIEW: Is the QA Hospital A&E department too overstretched?

A woman whose elderly mother was left in an ambulance two hours has said something must be done at a '˜chaotic' A&E - and here is what our readers had to say.

Thursday, 5th January 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 1:00 pm
Ambulances queueing at Queen Alexandra Hospital. Picture: Ellie Pilmoor PPP-161025-105230001

Shelley Gwilym said it was disgraceful her 80-year-old mum, who has terminal cancer, had to wait outside the QA Hospital’s emergency department.

Here are some of the comments on our Facebook page.


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MARY BURGESS: Stop people using A&E like a medical drop-in centre, don’t blame the NHS or staff. Sadly they have to see everyone who turns up there. Last year over 60 per cent of people didn’t need A&E at QA. If it’s not life-threatening you don’t need A&E.

JODY HARRIS: QA departments are far too small. The ambulance staff, doctors, nurses, healthcare support workers and all the other staff really do work hard; not their faults at all.

CHRISTINE HORSEY: Sort out more GP surgeries, it’s next to impossible to get an appointment at a Havant surgery. All very well saying go to the pharmacist but who wants to discuss their ailments in the middle of Boots!

CHRIS PURNELL: A&E is full of people who shouldn’t be there, which gets in the way of those who desperately need treatment. GEM DULUX PAINTIN: Poor woman. However this problem is not going to go away until more units are open and more general practitioners are available.

ANGELA VAUX: Maybe we need to sort out the idiots who go there for minor injuries, sore throats etc that take up valuable time and beds in A&E when they could go to their doctor’s surgery or minor injury units.

ROSALIND ANDERSON: They cannot cope with the huge area they have to cover, we need a proper hospital in Fareham and Gosport area with an A&E and wards.

POMPEY LINDA: They should never have closed Haslar hospital. It really is hard work working at QA. Never any beds. People with minor injuries should go to a walk-in centre.

SANDRA WINTER: They should have kept open the smaller community hospitals instead of trying to do everything at QA. They are working so hard to look after everyone, but they cannot cope any more.