Traffic concerns over proposals to build 140 homes at Emsworth

Emsworth residents Kate and Gilbert Wheelwright talk to consulting engineer Glenn Charles.
Emsworth residents Kate and Gilbert Wheelwright talk to consulting engineer Glenn Charles.

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SCORES of Emsworth residents went to an exhibition to see proposals for a 140-home development.

The consultation was held yesterday in the International Hall at Emsworth Methodist Church, High Street.

Along with extra housing, developers have also created a water storage pond, to stop flooding.

As reported, the development has been earmarked for land west of Horndean Road.

The site has already been allocated for development by Havant Borough Council.

People had the chance to look at plans and speak to developers about the proposals.

Chris Hallam, 68, of Barn Close, in Emsworth, said that further development was ‘inevitable.’

He said: ‘It’s inevitable that they will have to build houses, and it looks like consideration is being given.

‘What I’m concerned about is the junction at Horndean Road, where the development will be.

‘People drive very fast there, so I would like to see a roundabout.’

Viewers said they liked anti-flood plans, but were concerned about green space around Emsworth.

Helen Hines, 55, of Park Crescent, Emsworth, is also concerned about the traffic.

The artist and tutor said: ‘I’m concerned about traffic because of the crossing.

‘But I like that the development seems in keeping with the area.

‘I’m not sure I want to see more housing, but it might have to be done.

‘But I don’t want Emsworth to lose its identity.

‘It has its own distinct character, and I would like it to keep green gaps around its borders. The flood alleviation plans are essential.’

The landowner is proposing to build a water storage facility along the western edge of the development.

This would soak up storm water – which currently runs into the West Brook – and prevent the flooding chaos around Bridge Road seen three years ago.

Andrew Blackwell, from Bidwells property consultancy, said turnout to the consultation had been great.

He said: ‘We’ve had a lot of people come and look at the plans, which is really encouraging.

‘This is a proposal from a council response, so it will look at infrastructure likes schools.’

Plans are likely to be submitted by January 2014.