‘Traffic wardens need to be lenient to boost business’

NOT HAPPY Douglas Knight
NOT HAPPY Douglas Knight

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OVER-ZEALOUS traffic wardens need to start showing leniency.

Several weeks ago, I had reason to write an official complaint to Fareham Borough Council regarding a parking ticket I had received.

I am registered disabled and I had displayed my blue badge but had neglected to display the time clock.

I was parked on double yellow lines along Stow Crescent and went into a shop for a maximum of 10 minutes.

For this oversight I had to pay £35 as a traffic warden monitored my car for four minutes and issued a ticket.

I paid the charge as I did not want it to be ramped up to £70, which I can ill afford.

I believe that the council does not care about any concerns its residents may have, as it is too busy trying to make money out of minor parking errors.

Speaking in the national press recently, it would appear our local government secretary has the same opinion.

Eric Pickles said he wants to end the ‘over-zealous culture of parking enforcement’ and called on ‘officious’ wardens to be more lenient in a bid to help boost the economy.

Risking a major clash with local councils who rely on revenue generated from parking fines, Mr Pickles warned that the ‘rigid state orthodoxy of persecuting motorists’ is damaging small businesses across the UK.

I understand that ministers are considering new rules which would prevent parking wardens issuing penalties to cars who briefly stop to visit local shops.

From my own personal experiences, I believe that if this small-minded attitude continues in Fareham towards motorists, then I will certainly consider shopping elsewhere.