Tragedy of woman who suffered anorexia

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AN ADMINISTRATOR took a fatal overdose after a long battle with anorexia, splitting with her long-term boyfriend and struggling with anxiety, an inquest heard.

Sarah Ironmonger, of Westgate, Chichester, had refused to take prescribed medication for depression and anxiety.

An inquest in Chichester heard that her father had found the 39-year-old lying in bed with pill boxes by her side on December 9.

Dr Isabel Fernandez de Sifrim was Ms Ironmonger’s psychiatrist.

She said: ‘I thought that the risk was not high. She had never attempted suicide in the past.’

Dr Fernandez added: ‘Her boyfriend left because he didn’t want to become her carer.’

Recording suicide, deputy coroner Martin Milward said: ‘Sarah had a number of problems which had been on going for a number of years.

‘She was prescribed medication which she was obviously not keen on taking and in many ways, because she didn’t believe she had problems she didn’t see the purpose.’