£100,000 to be spent on danger Havant crossing

NEAR MISSES The  crossing at Park Road South at Havant that is to be redeveloped. Picture: Malcolm Wells (122049-7728)
NEAR MISSES The crossing at Park Road South at Havant that is to be redeveloped. Picture: Malcolm Wells (122049-7728)
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A BUSY pedestrian crossing where there has been a number of near misses is finally set to be improved.

Up to £100,000 will be spent on improvements to the crossing in Park Road South, which connects the two sides of West Street in Havant.

The crossing is used by thousands of people every day as it is the main link between the retail parks and the older part of the town centre.

But over the years there have been several near misses as pedestrians cross the busy road, which has a small central island.

Hampshire County Council is now set to upgrade it to a toucan crossing, which would have provision for cyclists.

The cash will be paid for by developers’ contributions from the Tesco Extra development, which was completed in 2009.

Tesco agreed to hand over more than £500,000 to the authorities for transport improvements.

But spending the cash has been delayed due to feasibility studies, council officials said.

More than £370,000 is also set to be spent by Havant Borough Council on upgrading the paving along Park Road South.

A further £50,000 is set to be spent by the county council on linking the Harts Way Farm Way cycle route to the town centre.

The work must be carried out by June 30 next year to avoid losing out on the cash.

Traders in Havant welcomed a revamp of the crossing.

Wendy Lake, manager of La Bonne Baguette in West Street, said: ‘It’s a good idea.

‘Not everyone stops at that crossing. A lot of older people try to do the whole thing in one go and don’t always make it.

‘Some of the cars don’t stop. It needs to be bolder so people can see it’s a crossing.

‘My daughter nearly got hit there by a truck.’

Cllr Ray Bolton, who represents St Faith’s ward, said: ‘It will certainly be a significant improvement. It’s much needed.

‘They are going to use the money for improvements to the crossing and the general ambiance of Park Road South.

‘It’s needed and I think it’s a good use of the Section 106 money.’

A council report states: ‘The existing pelican crossing is of an old-style layout, with a sub-standard central island and life expired controller, which has already been identified by the county council’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Unit as a high priority for replacement.

‘The proposals for Park Road South provide the ideal opportunity to upgrade the crossing as part of the overall environmental, cycle route and footway improvements.’

A report said work could start next February and be finished by June.