20mph limits backed but more should be done says campaigner

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PLANS to introduce a 20mph limit in Chichester have been backed – but a leading campaigner has warned the fight for safer roads is not over.

The South Chichester County Local Committee wants to introduce the speed limit across the city, excluding A and B roads, and push forward with a public consultation.

But leading campaigner Sarah Sharp said this was not enough.

‘The 20mph limit is only being implemented on residential roads. It is taking away the chance to tackle the dangerous roads which are not included,’ she said.

‘Now we have to restart a campaign to introduce the limit in dangerous roads such as the Northgate roundabout.’

Mrs Sharp said she would like to see a 20mph speed limit introduced at other dangerous roads such as Oving Road and Whyke Road. The committee also approved its priority plan for various infrastructure schemes.

This included the introduction of the 20’s Plenty, subject to public consultation, a Birdham improvement package to support the local primary school and reduced speed limit of 20mph, the provision of new shelters in Chichester, footway improvement at Blackboy Lane/Clay Lane in Fishbourne, a cycle link from Winterbourne Road to Graylingwell and school safety zones to be implemented at Rumboldswhyke Infants School and West Dean Primary School.

A new route safety scheme from Eartham Lane (A285) to Duncton Hill, and a new footway by Manor Road in Selsey were among the other projects backed by the committee.