500 passengers stuck after ship breaks down

mv Voyager arriving in Portsmouth.
mv Voyager arriving in Portsmouth.

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A CRUISE firm has been forced to cancel a trip after two generators failed just four days into a nine-day voyage.

The 487 passengers aboard MV Voyager will today be taken back to Portsmouth, where the cruise started last Saturday.

The Celtic Treasures cruise was due to leave Killybegs, in County Donegal, Ireland on Tuesday but remains there.

Sue Humphrey, 55, of Gosport, and her husband Dave, 56, paid nearly £3,000 for the cruise and are now stuck in Ireland.

She told The News: ‘We’ve been stuck here since Tuesday.

‘Killybegs is a very small town, you can go round it in ten minutes.

‘On Wednesday it was announced it was a free bar so we had free drinks all afternoon and Wednesday night.

‘There was a bad storm Monday night and it was very rough.

‘We did feel that there was some kind of issue because there was a loud bang in the middle of the night, which I thought was furniture.’

As reported, the ship was in dry dock back in May for a refit of her engines and navigation equipment.

But earlier this week two of the four generators failed, leaving her unable to leave.

The ship has power and all passenger facilities are working but a spokeswoman for the operator, Voyages of Discovery, said the liner could not carry on.

On Wednesday, a team of specialists visited the ship to try to fix the generators but the firm opted to cancel the cruise as the problem had not been sorted in time.

A spokeswoman for the operator said it had ‘great regret’ over the cancellation.

‘Arrangements to return all 487 guests to Portsmouth, where the cruise was scheduled to end on Sunday, are being made.

‘Unusually, two generators ceased working whilst the ship was in port in Killybegs.

‘Additional excursions were arranged during the extended stay in Killybegs.

‘Voyages of Discovery has apologised to all passengers for these unusual and unforeseen circumstance.’

Passengers have been offered 60 per cent refund and 50 per cent off future cruises.

It is not yet known if she will sail on Sunday for another cruise as planned, as the generators are not fixed.