82,000 homes to get information on Fareham roadwork plan

TRAFFIC The Quay Street roundabout
TRAFFIC The Quay Street roundabout
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EVERY single home across two boroughs is to receive a leaflet informing them of works which will take place at the Quay Street roundabout in Fareham.

Tesco is sending out more than 80,000 leaflets to homes in Fareham and Gosport to let residents know what they will be doing at the junction over the next six months.

The roundabout is being remodelled, including the installation of a ‘throughabout’ lane, in a bid to relieve congestion at one of the main routes in and out of the Gosport peninsula.

The supermarket giant is carrying out the £2m works as a condition of being allowed to build a new superstore on the nearby old foundry site.

Gosport Borough Council leader, Cllr Mark Hook said: ‘I’m pleased they’re contacting all of the residents in both boroughs, but I am still concerned as to the potential for delays motorists will have to suffer. I’m not sure the works will be done in such a way where we won’t have major traffic problems.’

The leaflets will include contact numbers for the contractors and traffic management officials who can be contacted if anyone wants to raise concerns.

Cllr Hook added: ‘We all recognise that the A32 is the lifeline in and out of Gosport. If they do anything that affects that, there will be a massive outcry. I hope that regular users of the A32 pin this leaflet on their noticeboard at home and contact Tesco and let them know if there are any problems.’

Work is expected to start on Monday, May 9 and will include the removal of the pedestrian bridge on the western side of the roundabout in June.

And councillor Sean Woodward, the leader of Fareham Borough Council, said: ‘We did encourage them to communicate with residents as much as possible so this is obviously welcomed.

‘Letting people know what’s going on instead of having them wondering why Quay Street roundabout is being dug up is only right.

‘It looks as if the works at the old foundry are going well too.’

Tesco has pledged that it will carry out works requiring lane closures overnight to minimise traffic problems.

Planning conditions prevent Tesco from opening the new 70,000sq ft store until the roundabout is completed.

For more information go to quayst.co.uk