Anger as bus hits car after road rage confrontation

Gary Hayward, who was involved in an altercation with a bus driver ''Picture: Innes Marlow (151354-2)
Gary Hayward, who was involved in an altercation with a bus driver ''Picture: Innes Marlow (151354-2)
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A CAR passenger has told of the moment a bus driver crashed into his vehicle in a road rage incident in Portsmouth.

Passenger Gary Hayward was with his partner Natalie Seagrove driving north through the city on London Road, Hilsea.

A bus pulled out as they were coming out of a junction near the Vauxhall Garage and Gary shouted at the driver.

The 24-year-old said: ‘I said out of the window “if you want to be a bus driver learn how to drive”.’

They parted ways but it was just minutes later when the bus driver saw Natalie and Gary again. Gary, of North End, said the bus driver cut across into their lane and started shouting abuse.

He said: ‘I got out of the car to approach him.

‘When I did that he said “come on, come on”.

‘I said to him “what’s your problem?”.

‘I put my fingers under his window and he’s slammed the window down.’

Gary added: ‘I went towards the car, as I opened the car door he went to drive off.

‘As he’s gone to swerve back he has hit the car and knocked me into the car.

‘I’ve got an injury to my back.’

Police are now investigating the incident, which a Hampshire Constabulary spokesman described as a ‘driver dispute’.

No arrests have been made.

The spokesman said a report of an assault is also being investigated after the incident on July 19 at 4.45pm was reported to police.

Gary added: ‘I thought it was absolutely shocking considering he’s working for the public.

‘To do something like that while he had public passengers at the same time as well is not appropriate.’

Stagecoach confirmed they had received a request for comment but had not supplied one before The News went to print.