Anger as youths use new bus route as a racing track

Picture: Carey Tompsett/PA Wire

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CALLS have been made for tighter security on the new bus rapid transit route in Gosport after youths used it as a racetrack.

Residents were disturbed in the early hours of the morning by mopeds racing along the busway behind their homes.

Christopher Hope, of Downside in Gosport, spotted the riders lifting up a set of security barriers designed to stop people from accessing the track.

Now the 73-year-old has called on Hampshire County Council to secure the barriers.

The council says the barriers shouldn’t be easily lifted by hand and is investigating a possible fault.

Mr Hope said: ‘It’s a big concern. As more people realise they can do it then more people are going to use the route this way.

‘They were able to just lift the barriers up.

‘Somebody needs to do something to stop that happening.

‘We were worried this was going to happen. They have got to step up security.’

Residents notified the police after the riders started racing along the track at around 1am on May 19.

The BRT is covered by CCTV cameras, to which the police have full access.

The councillor in charge of transport at Hampshire County Council Cllr Mel Kendal said residents were right to contact the police.

He said: ‘Mopeds are not permitted on the Eclipse dedicated busway and the police are following up the incident, which may well result in a prosecution.

‘The barriers are designed to be weighted so that they cannot be lifted by hand and the controls can only be overridden by an authorised operative.

‘We are investigating the possibility there may have been a fault and if this is found to be the case we will ensure it is repaired as soon as possible.’