Anger over Portsmouth-London train ticket price hike

THE TRAIN ON PLATFORM TWO... IS PRICY Cosham railway station
THE TRAIN ON PLATFORM TWO... IS PRICY Cosham railway station
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THERE has been a furious reaction to the hike in rail prices for the Portsmouth to London commute.

Those travelling on the London Waterloo line to get to work will have to pay more than £100 extra for a season ticket – at £4,908.

The 2.24-per-cent increase has been criticised by users on The News’ Facebook page after the increase came into effect yesterday.

Brian Heath said: ‘Almost five grand a year for a lousy service on which you’ll probably have to stand for most of the journey. I’ve just decided to boycott train travel for 2015.’

Hannah Wiles said: ‘It is really silly that they feel they can make the consumer pay that much for travelling.

‘If they are going to increase the price, they need to provide a better service and actually run on time. When they are running late they need to provide alternative methods of travelling before a hour.

‘It is not acceptable to have to wait one hour before anything is done. There is also a lack of information to why the train is cancelled or they provide read-ons which are not acceptable – such as cancelled due to lack of train crew.

‘Then once you are on the train you have to stand for most of the journey – sort it out!’

‘Great’, said Jonathan Field, who fears people will now turn to driving instead. ‘The M27 will be complete car park now.’

And also taking on Facebook, Sheila Merritt commented: ‘Fares are disgusting prices. You need to have exceptional salary to warrant paying these prices.’

Others called for renationalisation of the railways and suggested people car share instead to keeps costs downs.

David Terry compared the rail network unfavourably to Japan’s where he said trains are always cheap, clean and on time. ‘(The) Japanese would have a fit if something wasn’t on time,’ he said.

But not everyone hit out at South West Trains, which operates the London Waterloo route.

Gregory Clark said: ‘I’m self-employed, so work six days a week x 50 weeks a year and don’t take sickies. Therefore 600 journeys not too bad at £8.3316.

‘However EU legislation gives you about five weeks holiday, you only do a five day week, and pull several sickies – real or not – four and a half days per year means only 221 journeys.

‘So we’re at £21.61764 per day. Still cheaper than driving and parking.

And he was applauded by Steve Doel Gearjammer who said: ‘Well put sir,’ and added: ‘It’s still cheaper and easier than going by road’.