Angry residents demand rethink on parking decision

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HUNDREDS of motorists have signed a petition calling for a council to rethink its decision to suspend two parking zones.

Residents were left fuming after Portsmouth City Council lifted restrictions on Southsea’s MB and MC parking schemes.
The reason for the move was because of the impact they were having on roads without restrictions, since people without permits were leaving their cars in streets they did not live in.
That included commuters and students. As reported, the decision was also taken to not follow up on two surveys carried out before the May council elections in surrounding areas to see if residents wanted a parking zone.
Lib Dem ward councillor Lee Hunt has circulated a petition calling for the Conservative-led council to change its mind, and almost 300 motorists have put their name to it. The petition calls for all members of the council to debate the issue to ensure any final decision is done in a more open way.
Cllr Hunt wrote in a letter to residents: ‘The remaining half of Southsea (without residents’ parking) was surveyed in April and 70 per cent of the respondents want residents’ parking.
‘Our Conservative friends have refused them, too, but have not touched a single zone where they have a Southsea councillor or a Ukip councillor – and these six zones displace into the streets around here.’
Many residents were angry there was no consultation over the changes and the decision came down to one councillor – Ken Ellcome, Tory cabinet member for traffic and transport.
But Barbara Jones, of Grenville Road, said she was against the introduction of the MB scheme – which covers Orchard Road and surrounding streets – in the first place as she knew it would cause problems with displacement parking.
She thinks people need to listen to those like herself who do not have cars and want spaces for visitors.
‘The suspension may prove to be successful,’ she said.
‘The few people that were worst affected by the MB zone were in Orchard Road as they suffered the effects of commuter parking. The other issue is students.’
Cllr Ellcome said: ‘I understand people’s disappointment. But it’s a situation that is going out of control through the previous administration’s failure to address issues in the MB zone.’
The suspension is due to start from September 1.