Are these Portsmouth’s worst roads for parking?

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They’re 10 blackspots for residents’ parking in Portsmouth - although they are by no means the only roads in which householders are regularly left frustrated by a lack of space for cars.

The 10 streets below are among the many highlighted by readers after we reported on the growing problem facing people living in the city.

After 5pm you can’t park anywhere near your house

Jessica Bentley

Residents posting on our Facebook page complained of having to park far away from their homes as even in the early hours of the evening there are no available spaces. Others said they had felt forced to park on double yellow lines or in front of garages as otherwise it could take up to an hour to find a space.

Those raising issues with parking felt that the problem is caused by a combination of factors: lorries and vans taking up more than one spot due to their size meaning there are less spots for other residents, people who do not live down the street using the roads to park and that the fact Portsmouth is an island meaning there is just not enough space to meet the demand.

Here are 10 roads highlighted by our readers:-

1. Lynn Road, Fratton: “If you get here any time after 5 then there are no spaces” Drew Goodman

2. Landguard Road, Southsea: “I’m often working until late and have had to resort to parking on double yellows” Clare Slater

3. Tangier Road, Baffins: “Ridiculous..sometimes there is NO option but to have to leave your car on yellow lines!!” Antonio Montana

4. Talbot Road, Southsea: “Nightmare....more so since the council removed the residents parking scheme” Steve Harder

5. Kenyon Road, Copnor: “The majority of owners down here have two cars. The problem we have is the people living on Stubbington Avenue or Kirby Road also park their cars/ vans in our road.....Anytime after 4:30 in the afternoon its impossible to park.” Lou Barnett

6. Ophir Road, North End: “The parking is a problem in the evenings and especially the weekends. An Airport taxi company have been using our road at weekends to park their mini bus. Also people who aren’t local residents seem to leave their car in our road for ages.” Danielle Brumwell

7. Copnor Road, Copnor: “People have resorted to parking on the curbs and the give way line!” Sufi Khatun

8. Shadwell Road, North End: “After 5pm you can’t park anywhere near your house” Jessica Bentley

9. Milton Road, Milton: “Permit parking and we still have a nightmare parking after 7.30pm...often have to park a few streets away.” Dawn Staker

10. Laburnum Grove, Copnor: “People who work in North end park down there during the day...can take up to an hour for my partner to park his car.” Laura Elizabeth Bradley