Bid for 30mph speed limit on village route

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CAMPAIGNERS in Horndean are hoping to reduce the speed limit of a road that is used as a rat run by motorists.

Residents are demanding that the speed limit in Havant Road is reduced from 40mph to 30mph.

The B2149 cuts through the heart of Horndean through residential and shopping areas.

Residents say it is an accident waiting to happen and the safety issues will only get worse as more houses are built and more families move in.

As previously reported, the centre of the village is set for hundreds of new homes. The Keydell Nurseries site has been earmarked for homes if the garden centre can find a new home. A field off Havant Road has also been earmarked for up to 60 homes and 73 new homes are set to be built on the Gales Brewery site.

Horndean Parish Council held a survey of every household in Havant Road – and 100 per cent of respondents supported a lower speed limit.

Guy Shepherd, a parish councillor who has been heading the campaign, said: ‘There’s no need for it to be 40mph. The road gets used as a rat run because of the traffic lights over by Morrisons. It’s a residential road. There are kids about, and cars race up and down.’

Chairwoman of parish council Debbie Taylor added: ‘It’s something that needs to be done.

‘The road is dangerous. It needs to be looked at.’

The council’s highways department has agreed to explore the idea and has set up speed monitors on the road to get a better picture of how fast the traffic is moving.

But reducing the speed limit is unlikely this year as leaders say there are more dangerous roads in the county.

In a letter to the parish council, Cllr Thornber said: ‘The county council is undertaking a review of speed limits on all A and B class routes throughout the county.

‘The B2149 is included in this project and the route has been prioritised as medium priority.

‘All medium priority routes county-wide are to be subject to detailed assessment throughout 2011/2012 with any recommended changes that arise being included in a future county-wide programme for implementation.’

Cllr Shepherd was happy something was being done, but added: ‘It’s all non-committal. We would have been pleased to see something a bit more positive and firm.’