Biker’s plea for help over Portsmouth hit-and-run

NOT HAPPY Camilla Wood was knocked off her motorbike. Picture: Sarah Standing (13342-6346)
NOT HAPPY Camilla Wood was knocked off her motorbike. Picture: Sarah Standing (13342-6346)
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A YOUNG woman is appealing for help to find the motorist who knocked her off her motorbike and drove away.

Camilla Wood was sent sprawling across Western Road in Hilsea, Portsmouth, by the entrance to Lakeside business park when a car side-swiped her.

And although the bank worker did not immediately appear to be badly hurt, the 20-year-old has since been experiencing the effects of serious concussion.

Miss Wood, of Fragorum Fields in Titchfield Common, said: ‘I was heading from my fiance’s home in Portsmouth back to mine, so I often use that road. I’m not new to it.’

As she headed towards the Marriott Hotel, a cream or pale-yellow Mini with a white roof pulled up next to her.

She said: ‘My front wheel was in line with the back of her front door, but as I went around the roundabout she decided to change lanes. She clipped my front wheel and I lost control.’

Her Suzuki Gladius 650 bike crashed across the traffic island at the entrance to Lakeside and she came to halt after the bike skidded on to its side.

She added: ‘When I got up, I realised she hadn’t stopped. She was totally oblivious to having hit me.

‘I dialled 999 and the police came, but at the time I didn’t feel so bad. So when they asked if I wanted an ambulance I told them not to worry about me.

The accident happened between 10.30am and 11am on Saturday, February 2.

Miss Wood said she was told by officers investigating her crash that traffic cameras in the area were not working at the time.

The News understands the traffic camera covering the stretch of road had been damaged. Portsmouth City Council is investigating the problem, but did not have anyone available to comment.

Anyone with information about the accident should contact police on 101, or use Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.