Biker wants to thank helpful truck driver

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A WOMAN whose motorbike broke down on the M27 is searching for the truck driver who helped her to safety so that she can say thank you.

Zoe-Ann Clifton, 19, of Chatfield Road, Gosport, feared for her life when her black Suzuki broke down on the motorway at junction 11.

In the middle of fast flowing traffic, Zoe-Ann started to panic, not knowing how she would get to the side of the sliproad safely.

Luckily a truck driver next to her turned on his beacons to stop the traffic and allow her to cross.

Having seen she was safely on the side of the road, the trucker drove off without giving Zoe-Ann the opportunity to say thank you.

She said: ‘I was petrified, if he hadn’t been there I probably would have got hit by a car.

‘It’s so nice that he helped me – you don’t get that very often these days.

‘I just wish I’d had a chance to thank him, because what he did meant so much to me.’

had an accident on the same road a year ago and has worked hard to build up her confidence and get back on the bike again.

She said: ‘When I broke down, all those memories came flooding back to me. I’ve never been so scared.’