Boy, 9, hit by a car had stepped out into Portsmouth road

ACCIDENT Scene where nine-year-old Owen Dewis was knocked down
ACCIDENT Scene where nine-year-old Owen Dewis was knocked down
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THE father of a nine-year-old taken to hospital after being hit by a car has said his son had a lucky escape.

Owen Dewis was left with a broken arm and nose when he was knocked down by an AquaCars taxi in Chatsworth Avenue, Cosham, on Wednesday.

The youngster was crossing the road where he lives on his way to school when the accident happened at 8.40am – close to where a lollipop lady used to help children cross.

Parents and a local councillor described the situation as ‘an accident waiting to happen’ but the youngster’s father Toby suggested it was just bad luck.

‘I’m not sure if a lollipop lady would have made that much difference, it was just one of those things,’ he said.

‘It seems like he ran out in to the road, having looked both ways, but there was a parked car blocking visibility.

‘He just didn’t see the taxi coming. But he was very lucky – it could have been much worse.’

Mr Dewis, 34, added that he didn’t blame the 26-year-old driver for the accident.

He said: ‘I spoke to him and he was very upset, all he could do was apologise. I don’t think it was his fault.’

Owen is still recovering at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Neighbour Mavis White, 74, said she was shocked when she heard what had happened.

‘He is such a dear little boy,’ she said. ‘Always so chatty and friendly; he always comes up and asks me what I’m doing.

‘His whole family are nice, quiet people – he’s the chatty one. After the accident I saw his mum sitting by the road and I didn’t know what had happened. I’m just glad he’s not badly hurt and I hope he’s up and about again soon.’

She added: ‘I think they should bring the lollipop lady back.’

There is a vacant position for a lollipop patrol at the junction of Chatsworth Avenue and Dovercourt Road.