Broken-down bus causes car park frustration

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SUPERMARKET customers became trapped in a car park after a broken-down bus blocked the exit.

Some frustrated customers, who went to the Asda store in Larchwood Avenue, Havant, had to wait more than two hours to leave after the number 20 Stagecoach bus broke down on Saturday.

One customer, who did not want to be named, said: ‘I finished my shopping at 4pm and I was stuck in the car park until at least 6pm.

‘It was only when traffic started moving did staff come out with bottles of water.

‘The whole incident was ridiculous.’

Stagecoach has apologised to customers and passengers who were delayed.

Spokeswoman Emma Knight said: ‘We apologise for the disruption, which was a result of one of our buses breaking down in the Asda car park.

‘We arranged for the bus to be towed back to the depot as quickly as possible, and passengers were able to catch one of the regular alternative bus services on that route.’

Bee Hessell, PR manager for Asda, said: ‘Colleagues did all they could to help alleviate the traffic.

‘They were directing cars around the bus, distributing bottles of water, and making customers in store aware of the delay.

‘Although the speed at which the bus was removed was out of our hands, we are offering to refund customers for frozen food affected if they bring their receipt from that time into the store.’