Bushes in road ‘will not be cut any more’

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AN INFRASTRUCTURE service has said they cannot cut back a hedge any further, despite worries that it is a danger to road users.

Residents have complained to CarillonAmey about the overgrown bushes in Monkton Road, Gosport, claiming that the overhang is a danger to road users.

However, the company says that it cannot take any further action – despite having trimmed some of the hedge back – because of preservation order that prevents them from making any further cuttings to the hedge.

A spokeswoman from CarrilonAmey said: ‘The delay in works has been because to an ongoing dispute over who’s responsibility it is to maintain the bushes.

‘Our grounds maintenance team has attended and cut the overgrown bushes and vegetation away from the road.

‘Unfortunately, it would not be possible to clear back the sightline any further due to Tree Preservation Orders that are in place.

‘We apologise that this may not have been the outcome that residents had been hoping for.’