‘Buy your own tickets at clamper’s car park’

BEWARE The car park in Cosham
BEWARE The car park in Cosham
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DRIVERS are being warned not to use other people’s parking tickets at a Cosham car park.

The message from councillor Aiden Gray comes as car clampers City Watch Enforcement fined motorists hundreds of pounds in Old Market Road, for displaying tickets they hadn’t paid for.

As previously reported in The News, Jo Bonsor was caught out and faced a £455 fine at the council-owned car park, which is run by private firm Lee Baron Limited, after accepting someone else’s ticket with time left on it.

Mandy Ellis, 48, of Paulsgrove and Stan Auld, 61, of Wymering, have since come forward saying the same thing happened to them.

Ms Ellis said: ‘I didn’t think anything of it when someone else gave me their ticket.

‘I had only left my car for 15 minutes. I felt intimidated by the clamper.

Cllr Gray, who represents Cosham, said: ‘I urge people not to take up the offer of another ticket at this car park because the penalty is extortionate.

‘It’s a shame but paying the 50p an hour rate will save so much trouble.

‘Everyone at some point has given their ticket to someone and not faced any consequences.

‘But in this situation we have a clamping firm which seems to think it can justify penalising people.’

Three parking signs at the back of the car park and one at the entrance say tickets are not transferable.

This message is also printed on the back of every parking ticket.

Paul Watters, head of road and transport policy at AA, has campaigned to get rid of car clamping since it was introduced in the 1980s.

He said the clamping firm’s actions were legal because motorists have to agree to the terms and conditions of parking that are printed on the signs.

‘Motorists enter into a contract when they park on private land,’ he said.

‘The contract is printed on the signs. However, it doesn’t mean that City Watch’s actions are right.

‘It’s completely immoral of the firm to charge people so much.’

Clamping will be made illegal under the Protection of Freedoms Bill at the start of October. Portsmouth City Council is taking over parking duties at the car park in Old Market Road. A date has not yet been set.