Changes to Portsmouth bus route will leave people ‘isolated’

CUTS Passengers are upset about more changes to their bus service in Portsmouth
CUTS Passengers are upset about more changes to their bus service in Portsmouth
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BUS passengers face fresh woe after plans to cut another part of Portsmouth’s public transport network was announced.

First Bus’ number 2 service will no longer go all the way along Allaway Avenue, in Paulsgrove, and will terminate early at the shops on the road instead.

Buses will then go up Ludlow Road to pick up residents from the top of Wymering.

The move, which will come into force from January 26, is happening because of numerous problems with the route.

First Bus officials say there are delays caused by cars in the area being badly parked, resulting in buses being damaged, and not enough people are using the service.

David Kidd, of Allaway Avenue, is one of those affected. ‘This goes to show that First does not care for its passengers,’ he said.

‘It is about time another bus company served Portsmouth.

‘We in Portsmouth have to pay the dearest fares that I know in the UK.

‘It’s about time we had a decent service to all parts of the community, not just selected roads.’

It means only one bus will run along the rest of Allaway Avenue, the number 18 service.

Paulsgrove councillor John Ferrett said it will cause elderly residents to feel isolated.

‘This is regrettable because people rely on it,’ he said.

‘Buses are a big issue in Paulsgrove because it’s a low income area and lots of elderly people don’t have any other way of getting about. It’s a massive loss’

A First Bus spokeswoman said: ‘From Sunday, January 26, First’s Service 2 will now terminate at Allaway Avenue at Paulsgrove Shops due to operational reasons.

‘The route will change to serve Ludlow Road instead of Allaway Avenue between Paulsgrove Shops and Upper Wymering.

‘Hillsley Road will now be served by a revised Service 18.’

The plans could be discussed at a residents meeting being held at 147 Allaway Avenue on Monday from 7.30pm.