Chichester family tests out green-friendly car and is impressed


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A FAMILY has given the thumbs-up to electric cars after testing one as part of a council challenge.

The McCormack family took up Chichester District Council’s challenge to swap their diesel car for an electric one.

Siobhan McCormack and her children, Seamus, seven, Conor, five, and Ava, three, used a Nissan Leaf for a day to see if they could make the switch. Yeomans Nissan, based in Worthing, allowed the family to test the car for a day.

The family carried out their normal activities, from the school drop-off, going to work and visiting the park.

They charged the car in the council’s new electric recharging point in East Pallant car park.

Mrs McCormack said: ‘I was impressed with the car. It was a lot quieter than I thought.

‘It was interesting to see on the monitors how much energy I was using. You use a lot more energy if you go faster, or if you use air conditioning. It starts to make you aware of how much energy you are using.’

A total of 22 charging points are being installed in 11 locations across West Sussex.