Commuters given chance to name new Gosport ferry

OLD The Gosport Queen
OLD The Gosport Queen
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COMMUTERS are being invited to name the next Gosport Ferry.

The Gosport Ferry company is in the process of commissioning a new vessel for its operations across Portsmouth Harbour.

Now they want people to come up with ideas on what they could call it.

The ferry company plans to hold a naming ceremony when the new vessel enters service in 2014.

The competition winner whose name is chosen will be invited to the ceremony as a VIP.

Keith Edwards, the general manager of the Gosport Ferry, said: ‘It’s not every day you get the chance to name a ferry.

‘It’s nice to do something that gets the community involved. The name needs to be something that reflects our connections with Gosport and Portsmouth Harbour. But we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to come up with a name so we decided to hold a competition.’

The Gosport Ferry company will soon tender out the construction of the new vessel to shipyards.

As reported in The News, it will be the first new vessel in nine years and will be of a similar size to the current Spirit of Gosport. It is hoped it will be ready to enter service in 2014.

Mr Edwards said he does not yet know what will happen to the company’s oldest vessels, the Gosport Queen and Portsmouth Queen.

They could be sold off, or one could be kept and maintained using parts from the other.

There are currently four ferries that cross the harbour between Portsmouth and Gosport.

The newest, The Spirit of Portsmouth, was built in 2005 and also works as a cruise ferry. The Spirit of Gosport was commissioned in 2001.

And the two oldest, Gosport Queen and Portsmouth Queen, were both built in 1966. The company asked more than 1,300 passengers for their ideas on what the ferry should look like and how it should be laid out. There will be more seating in the new ferry.

To enter the competition, email your idea to with your name, address and contact details.

You can also hand in your entry and contact details to the ferry company’s ticket office in Gosport.

The winning name will be chosen by the Gosport Ferry company’s board of directors.