Cosham one-way system to stay

The one way system in operation in Cosham High Street.
The one way system in operation in Cosham High Street.
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PLANS to make a one-way system through a Portsmouth shopping area permanent are going ahead.

Motorists have been getting around Cosham High Street via Wootton Street and Wayte Street since work to replace Northern Road Bridge in February.

The purpose of the move was to ensure traffic wouldn’t be held up. Cllr Jason Fazackarley, cabinet member for traffic and transport, said at a public meeting the changes would be kept because an overwhelming number of people showed their support during a consultation.

Of the 624 people who responded to the public consultation, 78.9 per cent were in favour of Cosham’s one-way system.

Eighty-nine per cent of residents wanted better seats, 82 per cent wanted more trees and 78.4 per cent wanted wider pavements.

Six-thousand paper copies of the consultation were distributed.

‘We’re very pleased with how the consultation went,’ Cllr Fazackarley said.

‘It’s very reassuring to see our plans are in tune with what the majority of people think would improve Cosham, and it’s fantastic we’ve been able to include residents’ ideas too.’

The changes are part of a £200,000 scheme that aims to improve the look of the area.

More trees, parking spaces, improved seating areas and wider pavements will be introduced. Parking spaces that have been made available on the south end of Wayte Street since the one-way system began will stay because they’ve proven popular.

Before, drivers couldn’t stop there at any time.

It means plans to widen the pavement on that part of the road won’t happen.

A signal-operated crossing at The White Swan pub will be upgraded to a puffin one because there was demand.

Cyclists will be able to travel around the one-way system and extra bike storage will be installed in High Street.

John Holland, committee member for Portsmouth Cycle Forum, welcomed the overall improvements, but said he felt Wayte Street had been used as a race track for drivers.

Council officers are still considering whether a crossing should be put in outside The Health House Surgery, in Wootton Street.

Cllr Jim Patey said he had concerns about it potentially being so close to the junction with Vectis Way.

‘I feel having a crossing so tight to a road junction is not necessarily in the best interests of road safety,’ he said.

Changes will start to be made from Wednesday next week.