Cosham traders angry over car clampers

Picture: Carey Tompsett/PA Wire

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RETAILERS have blamed new car clamping laws for a slump in trade.

Market sellers and shop owners in High Street, Cosham, say business has been affected since clampers were introduced in the area last month.

As reported in The News, confusion over signs and faulty pay meters at a new pay and display car park have led to numerous locals being given £205 penalty fines.

Citywatch clampers were brought to crack down on illegal parking last month.

Recently pay meters were out of order at the 62-space site and residents were clamped for parking in permit-only spaces behind Iceland and New Look. The situation has put many off from shopping in the area.

Andy Sharman, 45, Leigh Park, runs a pet food stall in the High Street. Speaking yesterday, he said: ‘It’s been quiet. Customers are complaining and are scared of being clamped.’

Ben Frost, 21, North End, a handbag stallholder, said: ‘It’s not been the busiest of days but it’s hard to tell in the long run if business is going to be affected. You have to pay for parking in a lot of towns but it’s clamping that worries people the most.’

Tony Broome, 48, owner of Shoefix said: ‘I’m really against clamping, but businesses will always find a way of making money.’

Handwritten parking meters are also unclear to residents.

June Whittington, 81, of Admirals Place, said: ‘It doesn’t tell me how much I need to pay for two or three hours. I would sooner pay more than get clamped.’