Council set to spend thousands on Titchfield parking survey

Car parking survey planned by council
Car parking survey planned by council

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THOUSANDS of pounds could be spent trying to tackle a parking problem in Titchfield.

Fareham Borough Council is expected to approve plans next week which will free up £15,000 to monitor the use of the village’s parking spaces.

The move has been prompted by villager’s complaints that commuters are taking up valuable spaces by parking there to avoid paying parking charges in Fareham.

Leader of Fareham Borough Council Cllr Sean Woodward said: ‘We do not charge for parking anywhere in the borough except in the town centre, which can cause problems if people are parking all day in villages and sharing cars into the town.

‘The people of Titchfield are getting fed up with the cars so I am proposing we do a review of parking.’

Cllr Woodward said that one way to solve the problem would be to introduce a parking permit scheme or to crack down on enforcing parking in the village.

He assured The News that the council would not look at introducing paid for parking.

If agreed, the council will spend £15,000 to survey the village’s parking.

They will investigate whether all-day parking is affecting local businesses.

If problems are found these could then potentially be resolved through parking restrictions.

Titchfield ward councillor Geoff Hockley said: ‘The problem is that Titchfield is a medieval village in the 21st century.

‘Most families these days have more than two cars and there are very little garages so parking is a problem as the vast majority park in the streets.

‘When added people park here, people do not visit the shops as they cannot get parked. If that continues they simply won’t survive.’

Charlotte Jordan, 24, works in Titchfield, said: ‘There is not enough at all, the square is crowded. Permits are a great idea.’

Christian Miller, 33, from East Street, said: ‘Spaces can be difficult to come by. There’s not much room and a lot of residents. Most of the square already has time limited parking. There’s not much the council can do to fix the issue.’

The council will also meet with the Titchfield Village Trust and local residents’ association, plus conducting informal discussions with traders.