Councillor’s anger as Whiteley speed humps crumble in weeks

NOT HAPPY Cllr Sean Woodward at the damaged speed bumps in Yew Tree Drive. Picture: Sarah Standing (1452-5133)
NOT HAPPY Cllr Sean Woodward at the damaged speed bumps in Yew Tree Drive. Picture: Sarah Standing (1452-5133)
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A COUNCILLOR has slammed the shoddy work of contractors as speed humps crumbled away just weeks after being installed.

The humps have been put in as part of a raft of traffic calming measures along Yew Tree Drive, in Whiteley.

Until March last year the road was only used by buses and was protected by automatic bollards.

After an outcry form residents, following the bollards holding up an ambulance racing to the aid of a two-year old boy, Hampshire County Council agreed to lower the bollards as part of trial.

To prevent motorists from speeding during the trial, the council insisted on traffic-calming measures such as speed humps, flashing speed limit reminder signs and extra crossings.

These were signed off by the council’s executive member for economy, transport and environment Cllr Sean Woodward in December.

He agreed that speed cushions would be installed as one of the mitigation measures in Burridge, Swanwick and Whiteley to manage the expected increase in traffic associated with the trial, which is scheduled to take place next month.

Cllr Woodward, who is also the leader of Fareham Borough Council, said he was disgusted to see the speed humps were substandard and that he would be taking the matter further at the council.

Cllr Woodward said: ‘As a resident of Whiteley I was shocked to see the speed cushions being installed in a fairly haphazard manner and then noticed them start to break up over Christmas.

‘I asked for the county council’s engineer to inspect the work and he has condemned all of the speed cushions meaning they will need to be removed and relaid.

‘The contractors will be undertaking this work at their own expense and there will be no cost to council taxpayers.

‘Work has begun to remedy this issue and we have asked the contractors to adhere to the original deadline for completing the installation of the speed cushions by the end of the month so do not anticipate any further delays.’

Chairman of Whiteley Parish Council Cllr Mike Evans said: ‘We support anything to slow down the traffic, but they need to properly installed. It is disappointing that some have already started to break up so early.

‘If Yew Tree Drive is going to stay open, then calming measures need to be put in but they need to done properly. We are pleased the council has taken action.’