Councillors back long-awaited Stubbington bypass

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TWO new roads proposed to ease traffic congestion going on to the Gosport peninsular have won the support of councillors.

Plans for a Stubbington bypass, from the Titchfield gyratory on the A27 to Peel Common roundabout, and a Newgate Lane South, from Peel Common roundabout to Newgate Lane North, were debated at Fareham Borough Council’s planning committee yesterday.

Both roads are being proposed by Hampshire County Council, which is expected to make a final decision on whether to let them go ahead next month.

Fareham councillors signed off their official response to the plans yesterday and the majority agreed they would be good for the area.

Cllr Arthur Mandry raised concerns about the bypass being lit, traffic continuing to use Stubbington village and about flooding in the area and added extra recommendations to the application.

He said: ‘The bypass is extremely important. I think that a majority approve of the principle but a lot of this support may be lost unless a lot of mitigation work is included.’

Two councillors opposed the bypass – Roger Price and Peter Davies. Cllr Davies said: ‘And that will be England gone. The meadows, the fields and the spires, all that will be left to us is concrete and tyres.

‘This is primarily for peak traffic and it will reduce journey time by 2.5 minutes in the AM and 2.7 minutes in the PM and for that minuscule reduction in journey time, we are prepared to devastate the strategic gap.’

He said he feared building a new road would simply create more traffic and that flexible working conditions and better public transport would have a greater impact than a bypass.

Cllr Price said he was concerned that allowing the bypass to be built on land designated as a strategic gap could set a precedent.

He said: ‘It is important to keep the gaps and to support them. To put something in that could allow development to happen is a folly. I will not be supporting this.’

Committee chairman Cllr Nick Walker said: ‘To not support the bypass at this stage having spent many years discussing it would be flying in the face of the many people in that area that want this relief road.’

He added: ‘Whether or not it would lead to further development, well, we’ll fight our corner on that another day.’

The Stubbington bypass is projected to cost around £35m and the new Newgate Lane South is included in a package of traffic improvement works costing £60m.

Funding for the work, including Newgate Lane South, has been secured from central government, although the £35m needed to build the bypass has yet to be approved, as the road did not have planning permission.