Crash at Gosport blackspot sparks calls for action

DANGER The aftermath of the crash at the junction of Heritage Way and Grove Road
DANGER The aftermath of the crash at the junction of Heritage Way and Grove Road
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A TWO-CAR crash at a notorious junction has sparked further demands for action at an accident blackspot.

The traffic light-controlled junction of Heritage Way and Grove Road has long faced calls for change with residents and ward councillors again now raising the issue.

As reported in The News yesterday, a crash on Monday at 11.45am saw a 64-year-old woman taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

The woman, who did not want to be named, yesterday said she was checked over at the hospital but was fine after the crash in her Kia Sportage.

The collision with a Fiat Punto caused the Kia to hit and bend a traffic light post.

The 20-year-old man driving the Fiat was checked out by an ambulance crew at the scene but was not injured.

Phil Bright, 39, lives in Grove Road next to the junction and heard the accident, which he said is one of many he has attended since moving into his home five years ago.

He said: ‘We heard it – we were in the back garden. It was like a bomb going off.

‘As soon as it happened we knew what it was because I’ve been out here helping out at three accidents and my wife has been out here for several.

‘Several of them have been to this extent. The camera is there to stop people jumping the lights but as far as I’m aware there’s no film in them – they don’t work.

‘People go too fast down Heritage Way and they jump the lights – there’s no visibility.’

Mr Bright’s wife has written to Gosport Borough Council about their concerns.

Ward councillor for Hardway at the council, Cllr Roger Allen said he has written to the police saying people jumping a red light should be arrested.

Together with Cllr Peter Langdon he protested against the original plans for the junction.

He said: ‘Over the years we’ve had so many crashes and near-misses it’s getting utterly ridiculous now.

‘One of the houses has had the front of it completely rebuilt – there was an accident there a few years ago where a bus went straight through it.

‘It’s absolutely lethal that junction, you can put all of the measures in place to advise people and to slow people down and notify them the junction is coming up.

‘But what you cannot do is cater for stupidity.’

Hampshire County Council were not available for comment prior to publication.

· Call police on 101 about the crash on Monday.