D-Day looms for future of Southsea shopping centre

Palmerston Road
Palmerston Road
Business are losing out because of traffic congestion, a report warns

Traffic is costing businesses £12m says new report

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KEY changes affecting Southsea will be decided tomorrow.

Portsmouth City Council is to scrutinise the future of two parking zones and consider changes to Palmerston Road and Osborne Road.

Residents are furious over the fact the council might scrap a part-time parking scheme covering 35 streets south of Jessie Road, known as the MC zone.

Councillor Ken Ellcome, Tory cabinet member for traffic and transport, has proposed the move over the impact on other roads and will make a decision when looking over the plans in the Guildhall from 10am.

But his cousin Alan Ellcome lives in the MC zone and says the proposal is ‘ridiculous’.

‘There has been no consultation with the residents,’ he said.

‘You can’t park between 5pm and 7pm unless you have a permit and that has made such a difference to the parking situation down there.

‘I have two cars and I paid £50 to have a second permit.

‘Does it mean I will get a refund?

‘This is such a catchment area for students and sometimes I’d have to park a mile away from my house.’

Another scheme nearby called the MB zone could have its restrictions made part-time as hundreds of spaces are being left empty in the day.

There are two options on the table for Palmerston Road.

The council could either make the street fully pedestrianised and introduce barriers at either end – at a cost of £15,000 – or open it up to traffic one-way.

The one-way system is the council’s preferred option and would have to fork out £20,000 making that happen.

The sum would help pay for parking spaces, a loading bay and no-entry signs at the north end.

In Osborne Road, widened footpaths, a new bus shelter, trees and improved lighting could be brought in as part of a £700,000 project being funded by the government.

Cllr Luke Stubbs, the council’s deputy leader, said it was crucial the work goes ahead so the council doesn’t lose its grant.

‘Osborne Road looks very dated and it’s a scheme which is going to cost the taxpayers any money,’ he said.