Debate tonight over need for safer roads in Portsmouth

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A CYCLING expert is to give a talk addressing the ways road safety in Portsmouth could be improved.

Roger Geffen MBE, the policy director of Cycling UK, will address members and supporters of Portsmouth Cycle Forum tonight at a meeting in the University of Portsmouth’s Richmond Building from 7pm.

He’ll discuss more about the national Space for Cycling campaign, which calls on councils to create a network of cycle-friendly routes, so that anybody of any age or ability can enjoy their journey through the freedom of cycling.

Campaign leaders have devised a three-point plan for councils to sign up to:

n Plan a full network of cycle-friendly routes that allow people of all ages and abilities to cycle anywhere for any purpose

n Actively seek the funding to implement the network and invest a minimum of five to 10 per cent of the local transport budget in cycling

n Build the network using the most up-to-date high quality design standards