Dog death sparks a campaign for speed bumps in city road

ANGUISH Dawn Simmonds and her daughter Ellie Forrest whose dog Charlie was killed following a hit and run. Picture: Paul Jacobs (111087-3)
ANGUISH Dawn Simmonds and her daughter Ellie Forrest whose dog Charlie was killed following a hit and run. Picture: Paul Jacobs (111087-3)
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THE owner of a dog killed in a hit-and-run accident has started a campaign to have speed bumps in her street.

Mum-of-three Dawn Simmons, of Stanley Road, Stamshaw, wants action after her Jack Russell, Charlie, was hit.

The 18-month-old dog had run out of house and straight into the road where it was run over, but the driver didn’t stop. The incident was witnessed by daughter Ellie Forrest, nine, who was left traumatised.

Dawn, 36, a cleaner, said: ‘My little dog got run over and the driver just sped off.

‘This is a 20mph road and I think the driver had been doing around 35mph.

‘Charlie was rescued from the Stubbington Ark Animal Shelter and he was a big part of the family – he was my little girl’s best friend. She was traumatised to see it happen. The driver not only hit my dog, he ran over him and then didn’t stop. My little nine-year-old girl saw everything. I picked up Charlie and he died in my arms.

‘My neighbours all rallied around and helped me take him to the vets so he could be put to rest properly.’

Dawn has started a petition to have speed bumps put in her street and has collected more than 100 signatures.

‘A lot of people use these side streets to try and cut through traffic,’ added Dawn

‘There are always children playing in the streets, as well as other people’s pets. So we want speed bumps and to make people aware they are there.

‘That could’ve been a child on the road instead.

‘There’s quite a few people that have grandchildren that stay over with them and other people have cats and dogs too.

‘We’re quite a close-knit street and we’re pulling together on this one.

‘It’s hard to have your eye on everyone all the time.’

Dawn hopes to take the petition down to the civic offices in Guildhall Square.

Jason Fazackerley, who’s in charge of traffic and transport at Portsmouth City Council, said it will consider the petition.

‘This is an example of irresponsible driving and horrible for the family. I will be speaking to traffic officers to see what can be done.’

And he again insisted that the 20mph limit should be enforced by police.

As reported, the council is considering taking the police to the High Court to make force them to do it.

‘This stems down to enforcement from the police, they have the power to prosecute,’ he said. ‘But because they follow guidance from the Association of Chief Police Officers, they do not routinely check or enforce the 20mph limit.

‘They only look at 30mph or above, which is ludicrous. This is why the council is looking for a judicial review.’