Drivers caught at 106mph on village roads

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A DRIVER was clocked speeding at 106mph in a 40mph zone between Horndean and Clanfield.

It comes as a shocking report has been published showing how hundreds of drivers are regularly going well over the speed limit on country roads – and often speeding through residential areas where children are around.

The data has been collected over the last 18 months using a Speed Indicator Device (SID), which records the date, time and speed of the car driving past.

Twenty locations in the Horndean and Clanfield area were targeted under the initiative spearheaded by Horndean Parish Council.

On several 30mph roads, drivers were recorded travelling at motorway speeds.

On Catherington Lane, someone was clocked doing 81mph, on Portsmouth Road there was an 82mph recording, and on Frogmore Lane a driver was recorded at 69mph.

Other roads showing huge breaches were Lovedean Lane, Southdown Road, Drift Road and Downwood Way.

In the worst case of offending, a driver was clocked driving at 106mph in Downhouse Road, while another was recorded at 90mph. In Havant Road, also a 40mph zone, speeds of 76mph and 70mph were recorded.

Overall 85 per cent of drivers were exceeding the speed limits on all the roads. The worst was Catherington Lane where an average of 30 drivers were doing more than 35mph every hour.

Councillor Sara Schillemore, who chairs the council’s community forum, said she was shocked by the figures.

She said: ‘They are clearly exceeding the speed limit by a dramatic amount. The top speed of 106mph was absolutely appalling.’

The registration numbers of the cars were not taken as it was purely a data-recording exercise. However, all the information has now been passed on to police.

Similar schemes have been suggested by residents on Hayling Island but have not come to fruition yet.

Horndean councillor Guy Shepherd, who started the scheme, said: ‘It’s an appalling speed to be recorded in our community.

‘A number of roads are being used as rat runs.

‘I don’t think anyone in Horndean would like to see ramps or humps or road narrowing as a matter of course. What we need to do is get enforcement going.’

He said the data should enable police to target prolific offenders.

‘It’s the people doing, 60, 70, 80 to 100mph,’ said Cllr Shepherd. ‘They are the first people we must stop. The police can use the data to pick them off.’